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Happily ever after

I have never watched any wedding on TV, so I wasn’t paying much attention to the Royal Wedding, beyond getting caught up in all the speculation on the Internet (and Instagram) over what Meghan Markle would wear. And yet on Saturday afternoon, much to the amusement of my family, I sat and watched the entire thing, from the guests arriving

to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first carriage ride.

I felt like cheering when the rows and rows of people lining the streets of Windsor cheered and waved, thought Marks & Spencer becoming Markel & Sparkle for the day was rather sweet and even cried when Harry raised Meghan’s veil and later when he brushed away a tear or two during the ceremony.

I can only think what drew me in was what many of the hosts and guests on the shows covering the wedding said: It was a modern day fairytale. An ordinary girl from an ordinary background with a modest education and modest success as an actress had just married a Prince! How can you not get excited about that? A beautiful sunny

day in England (a scorcher, they said at 21°C - hah!), the smile on Harry’s face when Meghan walked in, their constant exchange of smiles and glances, the holding of hands through the ceremony - all the things fairytale weddings are made of. The bishop’s speech though, not so much.

The pageboy’s face, when the special fanfare composed for the bride started as she stood at the entrance, said it all. The delight on his face, with his mouth actually falling open was probably made even cuter by the fact that he had several teeth missing. He was one of the two seven year old twins who did a remarkable job of carrying the

bride’s 5m long veil, also the best part of her dress, up the stairs and into the chapel.

Meghan glowed, sans-filter, and she looked like herself, which is not very popular with women around the world. Of course, for all the perfect people out there in the world, the sight of strands of Meghan’s hair working their way out of her bun was too much to handle. Many took to social media to say they couldn’t bear to watch the wedding anymore.

I admit I noticed it too, but probably because it reminded me of all my wedding and engagement photographs and the resultant hair paranoia since then. But I’ll come to that later. I really did think that when the newly married couple disappeared to sign the marriage register, Meghan would come back with her hair firmly back in place. She didn’t,

which surprised me because which woman, and especially one on centre stage, and such a spectacular one, wouldn’t want to check on her appearance?

Maybe it just wasn’t that important. Most of the men I asked hadn’t even noticed anything beyond her smile and one woman friend said, “Who cares? You think she remembered anything after Harry said ‘you look amazing’ when she reached him?”

Looking back to my wedding, I realized that at the time I couldn’t be bothered with anything but marrying my happily-everafter. It was only much later when I finally sat down to watch my wedding video and go through the photos, that I wanted a doover.

To help set the scene, let me tell you that every lovely picture that showed our hands also showed my decidedly unlovely nails that weren’t just unpainted, but also well bitten. Also, the henna professional who came in to draw some intricate design on my hands lost her patience halfway through with my inability to sit still: As a result, the

hands in my wedding album are not mine. The photographer obviously was equally unimpressed.

My wedding video (which I probably saw one and a half times before it disappeared) was a bit scary. My make-up was very nice but for someone else’s face: A family friend’s beautiful daughter had taken over the job as my expertise didn’t extend beyond a kohl pencil at the time. The dark red lipstick and coppery eyeshadow made me look like a cross between Edward and Bella of Twilight fame, and not in a good way.

My hair was an even bigger disaster. I had this one unruly lock of hair, which seemed to be stuck to one cheek in all my engagement/ henna photos and it seemed the photographer only stood on my weird hair side. On my wedding day, I had felt lazy about going to get my hair done, so someone put it up for me and within a couple of hours, I

had a strange, wavy half-fringe going on, on either side of my face.

Going by the video, this didn’t obviously bother me during the wedding ceremony, a greater part of which I spent chatting with my husband-in-process. The priest is also on record, by the way, telling me off for talking so much during such solemn proceedings.

I suppose it’s what’s important to you on your big day and it’s different for everyone. For me, it was great all those years ago, as it was, I believe, for Meghan and Harry last Saturday. Having said that, I am still hoping to persuade my other half to repeat the performance - but this time with beautiful hair!

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